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Here are some ‘Top Tips’ to help your Wedding day run smoothly! It is often easy to forget about the finer details, but it’s the small things that make all the difference on your big day:

1. Hair Trial with Accessories:

Once you have chosen your accessories to match your gown, it is a good idea to have a hair trial and take your accessories with you; especially if you are planning to have your hair up. This will make you feel more relaxed on the day as you will already know how your hair and accessories are going to look. If you are having bridesmaids, you may want them to have a hair trial too, or just have an image ready to show the stylist on the day. This will also ensure that there are no hair disasters, as you will already know how you want your bridal party to look as you walk down the aisle!

2. Plan your morning routine:

It is always handy to have a brief plan for the morning of your wedding so you know the order you are going to do things. It is wise to have your nails done the day before so you don’t need to worry about that. Hair and make-up is next, but make sure you will still be able to get your dress on ok, so you don’t rub your make up on it! Make sure you put your jewellery on last to avoid perfume or hairspray spoiling the clarity of the crystals on your accessories.

3. Create a day to night look:

We love the idea of creating two different looks from day to night. It is easy to do this by changing how you wear your accessories or by changing your make up or hair style for the evening. This could be just a simple idea like wearing a different lipstick or a shorter veil for the evening. This can help you feel more relaxed to get in the party mood!

4. Give your veil some volume:

If you are wearing a veil make sure you hang it up so any creases drop out before your big day. We do not advise steaming or ironing your veil, just let any creases fall out naturally. On the day when you get your veil out to wear, make sure you carefully tease the gather and pull the blusher away at the comb, this will help to fluff it up so that your veil has some volume when you put it on.
If you are unsure on what veil length is right for you, see our handy guide here.

5. Don’t forget the finer details:

Think about the finer details to make sure everything is just right on the day. Have you thought about what jewellery you and your bridesmaids are wearing? If you want them all to match you will need to choose them before the big day. You may want the bridesmaids to wear a hairclip that links in with your tiara to tie it all in. Don’t forget about shoes, especially if your bridesmaids have short dresses, you may want all their shoes to match to keep a cohesive scheme throughout. Last but not least, don’t forget about your something old, new, borrowed and blue! Slightly superstitious, but it is a traditional wedding tradition that is fun to do!



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